Wednesday, September 28, 2011

i love that summer has stretched quite nearly into october. real summer. hot full barefoot days. humid fog-laden nights with suicidal frogs jumping into the road, making driving torturous. the windows are still as wide open as they will go and the sounds of crickets and waves still wander in all through the night. tom is playing guitar in the living room, learning new songs. ellsworth follows edgar and i to the park on our nightly walk. ellsworth is one of our cats. he follows us along the sidewalk, wanders around the park with us and continues with us around the block and home. the loop of summer continues and i hold my breath because i know that soon i'll wake up and need to pull on a pair of socks.


  1. We are coming into summer now.. have to put away the socks, scarves and such. I love Winter, I love Rain and I ADORE cosy. However Summer has a magic. It defrosts your soul. I'll send you some Perth Sunshine :-)

  2. we already have our socks on since late august : (
    but we are having an "indian summer" this weekend! the last summer feeling ismore than welcome ...

  3. It is chilly here and the leaves are changing. I miss summer but I LOVE fall!