Saturday, September 24, 2011

this morning the air was gray with fog. and i'm so glad i made the extra effort of lugging my camera along with us on our walk. edgar trotting along, pulling me toward puddles to splash through. all the stone and rock blending perfectly into the monotone corduroy sky. there is a certain pigeon who we see every morning. i call him 'skunky' because he has a pale strip of feathers on his head that continues along his back. he was perched on the fence this morning. edgar is stiff and walks a little akwardly now, but he loves our morning outings. he has slimmed his big lumbering 180 pound frame down to a sleeker 160 pounds. and we can't stop along our walk because he gets stiff and shaky and loses his balance. but we both love every second of it. i've posted some photos from our walk on foblographie. the prison and the old stone hospital and the lake, our harbor and all it's loveliness was wonderful this morning. so, our day has begun....we have walked and breakfasted and coffee'd and now i'm off to the studio to do more of what i love.


  1. i am sure i `ve said it before, but this is a lovely way to start your edgar old? i miss having a dog.... have a lovey well poductive day doing what you ( and we ) love : )

  2. edgar is almost 7. the past year or so he has started having mobility issues. but he is happy and otherwise healthy. i haven't been without a great dane for 23 years, except for brief periods between losing one and finding a puppy. i hope you have a dog again is a singular love between a woman and her dog.
    i hope your day is also productive.

  3. thank you jen. and i love that you love edgar. he is such a great boy!