Sunday, September 18, 2011

the light is different now. it tilts from a new angle. the air is cool when it brushes your skin. and the scents cling thickly to my laundry. yesterday the towels and tablecloths and t-shirts and nightshirts hung on the line all day. i sewed in the studio. tom bought groceries and made ribs. we walked edgar after dark through the boats bobbing in the harbor and along the tall 180 year old stone wall of the prison. and when we came home i slipped into my nightshirt that had danced with the tablecloths and towels all day. and i was drenched in the scents of september.


  1. oh Annette! this was so beautiful! you are such a lovely writer - among so many other of your talents
    it seams to be my favorite thing about you : )

  2. Beautiful writing, beautiful picture. Our laundry is dancing on the line too.