Monday, September 5, 2011

i've spent the day re-grouping, cutting squares for quilts and napkins as well as recovering from a houseful of company while being under the weather. things came together slowly this afternoon as i brought my studio back to it's working form, attempting to caress my mind and my vision back to it's blooming. last week i spent a day making pillows from vintage butterfly quilt squares....flour sack fabrics with hand stitching and appliques. i hope that by tomorrow the dullness passes and the vitality i count on, returns. there are orders waiting to be completed. and orders to be mailed. and strips of scraps to be sewn together. i believe i'm feeling the zeal begin it's boil.


  1. i hope you are feeling back to normal soon.
    the pillows look like summer : )

  2. I'm so happy that one of your butterflies landed in my bedroom. I hope you feel better and that your creativity begins to crack and sizzle this morning. Thank you for the most lovely holiday and a wonderful end to our summer.