Sunday, September 18, 2011

i love to clean my house with the all doors and windows wide open. but especially the kitchen door. it's almost essential. and with september half over, those days are becoming rare. today i threw everything open and vacuumed and scrubbed. just a few hours of haphazard cleaning. i even bleached the kitchen floors. and vacuumed the stone walls in the kitchen and dining room. and i thought of the hardworking women of my grandmother's era on prince edward island. and the bucket with a mop they would place on the porch by the back door as a sign that visits were welcome. that they had mopped their floors and were ready for a cup of tea with a friend. i sometimes leave a bucket and a mop at the back door just because it feels neighborly.


  1. beautiful post--I love the reference to the women of older generations, and can smell the bleach and september sun. it must be very beautiful where you are.

  2. I love knowing about the women who came before us and carrying on their almost forgotten traditions. Beautiful, beautiful.