Sunday, September 4, 2011

well, my beautiful weekend with lisa is coming to an end. we filled a list of desires and have managed to cross off most of them. one of which was starting a blog for her. i'm so excited to read her simple pared down lines of poetry every day. or almost every day. we have spent hours in the studio making things. we went to the lake, although walking is extra difficult for her.....she went because she knew i wanted to share my little beach with her. her boys have been bicycling around town and picking sea glass. we made pendants from the beach glass and made moleskine notebooks from old photos. we drank gin and giggled. and made fun of each others quirks. and we had a tom concert on the porch while the boys recorded it. so beautiful!!
visit her blog In My Wild Eden her gorgeous vintage life in michigan turned into poetry.


  1. Hi, thanks for reading my blog and for your kind comment! I am so proud to have brought the topic of a well-practised potty mouth out into the Blogworld, with such encourgaing responses!

  2. Our time with you was the ideal ending to our summer. Today my boys are back in school for the year and Mike is back at work. And we all wish we were waking up above the studio for at least one more beautiful day of music, sea glass, creating and laughter. Thank you for a perfect weekend.