Saturday, September 3, 2011

a weekend that brings my college years back to me. they often hover close to the surface and the memories of places and people and carefree laughter have been rolling out of us since thursday night when lisa and mike and their beautiful almost grown boys arrived from michigan. our friendship always seemed a little unreal. our bond a little undefined. it just is. we met in art history class, lisa's first class her first day of university, i think. it was my second year and i had fallen into art the year before. we sat close enough for me to make comments to her that first day. and then walked out together. and have never been without each other since.
lisa married mike when we were still young and breath less. in many ways he is the male version of me. and 11 years later, when i married tom, it was clear that in just as many ways, he was the male version of lisa. so when we are able to be together, the energy sizzles and is at once, wonderfully crazy and beautifully still. her boys are curious and artistic. they love music and photography. they sit around listening to our crazy reminiscences without being too embarrassed or too bored.
and we wander around the studio, lisa and i. we talk and i sew, our lives finally blending despite the 500 miles that seperates us. it's been 8 years since we were together. time sifts past. but here we are, a long weekend in september filling our hearts and souls until the next time.


  1. Oh those college friendships are so important and it is wonderful when they see us through our lives as well. There is something about that bond. You have made me think about who my daughter may meet as she embarks on her own adventure.

  2. time is the longest distance... but it seams you have managed to win against it ! good to know its possible : )