Wednesday, January 4, 2012

as i sit with my tea this morning my mind is all tangled up in the complexities of accomplishment. the last few days i've been going on about my personal shifts. they aren't shifts as much as u-turns, or more accurately, S-turns. looking back as much as forward. many years of making and selling. there is a calm sense of simplicity that my life demands. i chose it. i love what i do, but i think i haven't been doing it entirely.
there was the time i thought that being an artist was my destiny. but, after years of mucking around in the paint, i knew that being an artist of the new york gallery variety, wasn't for my life. i didn't thrive on the tortured, driven scramble it demanded. but i painted regardless. i had no intention of selling my paintings, i just had to paint. but i also made specific marketable items to sell. two entirely distinct ventures.
the items i sell have always varied. but have always been very aesthetically different from my fine art sensibilities.
and now i am finding the blend happening. it's like the two sides of me that i've built a barrier between for decades, are beginning to break into each other, and possibly swirl comfortably together. i feel the urge to concentrate less on what my practical self tells me will sell, but rather what my artist self tells me to make.
so off i go across the yard to get to work.....


  1. we do get through different circles in life and suddenly the right time comes...i am wishing you all your artistical wishes to become true.

    love from norway

  2. Good for you Annette and best wishes - looking forward to seeing what the joined up you creates in 2012.

  3. Sounds interesting--can't wait to hear and see more of this blend!

  4. Everything that we do is for a purpous.. maybe we dont know at the time. When it happens as it seems to have for will feel good..
    I am happy that you are combining the two..
    Making your designs for your beautiful quilts is an art in itself..
    best wishes.. happy designing and painting

  5. Sounds like you have had a light bulb moment! Good for you! Why can't the practical and artiste in you meld into one? Who says one has to be traditional and practical? I've always believed in adding a bit of whimsey to things...sorta mix it up, lighten it so to speak.

    Wishing you great success in all your accomplishment.