Monday, January 9, 2012

new cards are out in the shop. and new table linens as well. i was busy making napkins and placemats today. and pulling fabrics with my eyes from the great piles of fabric around me. as i work on one set, i plan the next. i keep ahead of myself. and although i have 5 or 6 sets of placemats ready to go, i'm planning time for some small collages tomorrow. like the image i used yesterday. i'm prepping little canvas boards tonight and hoping to spend the morning finding just the right old images that will flow perfectly together into interesting little pieces.
so my head is spinning tonight with ideas....i can't wait to get over there in the morning. and maybe i'll have new stuff to show you tomorrow.


  1. Gosh Annette - what a lot of energy you have, and the place mats are so pretty.

  2. You've been working hard. Fun to see you so inspired! Going to take a look at the cards now...

  3. Very inspiring cards. Love the stitching around the cards. I need to get busy creating some new fabric napkin rings. I have all I need to get started just have been slow to get started.

  4. You are well into all the nice new things for this season Anette..
    The table mats look lovely.. You work very hard.
    All great ideas.

  5. your cards look beautiful(love it they come with handmade envelopes) and yes your posts are buzzing with energy and inspiration, very catching, i need that at the moment :) xx