Friday, January 20, 2012

this morning i'm uncurling from sleep into a snowy, post-blizzard world. last night the wind and snow stirred up the streets and made driving home from the bookstore a bit treacherous. which made my bed and warm little family even sweeter.
an unattributed quote is humming through my thoughts. 'maudit soit a jamais le reveur inutile....'. i saw this on a blog as a photo of the words chalked on a paris sidewalk. she translated it beautifully as “forever cursed is the useless dreamer…'. and the melody of those words has been swinging through me since. un reveur inutile. a useless dreamer. or maybe an inactive dreamer. i think it's saying simply that the dream is made more true with ambition behind it. a simple active drive fuelled by hope. the movement keeps it alive.
today's photo is a detail of one of tracy's pieces that reached off the wall and wound it's way into me. this piece will live in me for a while. i would have liked to stare at it a little longer, but it sold immediately, making it's way out and into the world. an active and useful dream.


  1. being a natural dreamer thats always been my worst fear...

  2. I love reading your posts--somehow they are dreamy and earthy at the same time.

  3. Very poetic post! I am a dreamer and a visual. It comes natural to me and easily...sometimes to easily.

    I remember very well the cold north winds beating upon my windows dumping many inches of snow upon us when we lived near Chicago. The winters were brutal but the summers gorgeous!

  4. Yes... Dreamy and earthy. That's you;)
    Night night