Thursday, January 5, 2012

it's january and i awoke with little dreams of the heat of the sun bouncing off the lake and warming my skin the way it does in july. we are so fortunate to have tom's family cottage to enjoy every summer, but i am always hunting for the perfect little lot for us. i love snug and cozy spaces. i remember as a child reading 'little house on the prairie', having great daydreams about the house that pa dug out of the hillside. and our teacher read the hobbit aloud to us in grade 5.....the hobbit's little round rooms intrigued me equally. so when i saw this site and the brilliant repurposed home they dug from the side of a cottage dreams were launched into hyperdrive (i've been watching way too much star wars over the break with flynn & jee & tom).
curving plaster and barky safe and cozy and tree-like. and real. there is something so complete and true about this structure. it seeps deep into who i am.
so as the snow swirls weakly around my window this morning, i plan for my little summer nest in the woods by a lake.....and head to the studio to continue with real life.


  1. You would really feel like a snug bug in a rug living there. its gorgeous.

  2. I love your ideas of living in the hillside. What a sweet little cottage it would be! I would like to buy a zoo (can't get that movie and the idea of doing something RADICAL this year, out of my head!), so perhaps we could put them around the same lake and have a little of each dreamy world...
    Put a pin it in, as I like to say ;)

  3. Sounds like a cozy place, the cottage. I've always wanted a little cottage...large enough for my husband and me. There is something so warm and inviting about a cottage...a perfect fit for me.

  4. when I saw the picture I had to think of the Hobbit right away. it's perfect!!!

  5. This looks so unique and warm and cozy. Just by looking at the pics one feels so protected. LoL

  6. A lovely blog.. I happened upon this site about a month ago.. its the most delightful house.. One would always feel safe and happy there.
    To dream and plan is wonderful
    thanks for sharing thes lovely photos and story

  7. I loved all the Laura Ingalls Wilder books, but the one that I loved was the one where they built the house in the hillside. So perfect. Their prairie lives were difficult but it was the warmth and cosiness and love that resonated above it all. Well, their bravery and tenacity were pretty admirable, also. I am behind on reading blogs, but your blog, honestly, it is just the lovliest thing to read. Thanks for sharing in such a beautiful and lyrical way.