Monday, January 30, 2012

it's almost 2.30 in the afternoon. i'm re-heating this mornings coffee. and i'm making an omelette. then i'll clean the kitchen. i changed my mind. the eggs broke so perfectly, i'm going to fry them now. 3 eggs. fried in olive oil. layered on top of rye bread and cilantro and finely sliced garlic and provolone and topped with sliced tomatoes.
i went to the dentist first thing this morning. i haven't been to a dentist in more than 12 years. even though i had a filling come out in my back molar in 2007. and although it looked exactly like the log in this picture, it didn't really bother me. but i knew i had to get it fixed one of these days. the lovely dentist was amazed that a cavity missing it's filling for years had zero decay. but that was indeed the case. now it's re-filled and pain free and this is my test meal. and it seems to be handling my beautiful plate of deliciousness perfectly.
we had a lovely sale day yesterday....sunny, warm, electric. thank you for all your lovely wishes. and for those of you who stopped by, i hope you enjoyed your time with us.
today i'll attempt to bring some balance to our home. and by balance, i mean cleanliness. and then a couple of studio hours to finish off the day. i'm glad tom made the big bodum of coffee this morning.....another mug full just went in to the microwave.


  1. Your breakfast sounds delicious!

  2. I'm always glad to hear that I'm not the only one who has a problem with dentists. I went a couple of times during the last year but before that I hadn't been in 7 years.

    your lunch sounds delicious!!

  3. Don't you just hate going to the dentist? I had to go because I started having a toothache. Turned out, I needed a root canal and a crown. Needless to say, my blood pressure was "sky high". But, because it had been several years since I last went the procedure wasn't as invasive as before. So, all that worry and high blood pressure for nothing.

    Glad your day went well. I'm with you...I have to have at least 2 cups of coffee. Husband makes me a latte with cream every morning with a nifty little gadget that I have. I really look forward to that!!

  4. You make me think of the poem I wrote about you cleaning. I use to love it when you cleaned your apartment because the lovely smell would come up the stairs to my apartment and inspire me to clean too. I glad you had a good day for your sale.

  5. Good girl to go to the dentist! I am so afraid as well but I force myself to check my teeth once a year and that has helped me not to be frightened that much. How was the test meal? (I had to smile when I read that!) At least it sounded very decent to me after all those worries. Have a great day! xxx Christa

  6. good for you Annette! and your breakfast sound abolutely delicious!
    ... i got a bit hungry actually ; )

    glad things went well with the sale : )

    ( a bit about you on my last post )