Sunday, January 1, 2012

it has been a wonderful week. i have puttered around the house. cleaning and organizing. throwing out the unneeded junk we accumulate and donating loads of things to charity shops. but today, i felt the shift. my mind gradually turning back towards the studio as it begins to pulse with new ideas and motivation. strangely, i was just admitting to tracy (through giggling) that my best ideas often come during or after watching any one of the 6 star wars movies. it has happened since the phantom menace came out 12 years ago. while watching it in the cinema, i had a fabulous idea that eventually successfully launched my first business. and this week we've watched 5 of the 6 movies....tom got them on blu-ray for christmas. my theory is that i watch them and enjoy them, but i don't pay much attention beyond the visual, letting my mind drift into it's own idea place and things percolate and digest over the hours the movie takes to watch. and often within the next day something brilliant overtakes me.
for the past 6 or 8 weeks i've felt the lovely soothing monotony of colorless cotton or linen or paper. i immersed myself in color for many years and i am feeling a faded quiet and calm wash across my work now. natural, unbleached. or neutral and earthy. and i feel the potential of painting. i found paintings tonight that i used to do on mylar...sensual and smooth and transparent. i love them. small and engaging and satisfying. and the itch to feel the glide of the brush is growing stronger.
so, on the morrow, i will build the heat and the energy and the startle of idea in the studio again.


  1. go for it Annette! All this amazing energy surrounding you ...happy new year!

  2. How interesting to find your personal palette changing!

  3. I wished I could visit you in your studio! I know I would love it! I find it very interesting that your ideas are changing. Go on, Annette!