Sunday, January 29, 2012

the winter is something i have spent my life escaping. i stay inside and only dash out of doors when it's absolutely necessary. so this wonderful and enjoyable mild winter has almost passed without my appreciating it. but yesterday i was taking edgar out to walk along the water. it's been almost a month since he's been on a walk. he was having strange episodes of spasms in his front leg that would cause him to fall. he had one on our walk once and i didn't know if i'd get him home. so being out and away from the house just wasn't an option. but yesterday was beautiful and he hasn't had one in a while(a walk or a spasm), so off we went into january that felt more like november or march.....more like a transition month. and i felt myself enjoying winter. wishing every winter could be like this one. and realized that i'd missed most of it simply from habit. and that is when i thought of demie's roadside attraction challenge. although she wanted it to be a drawing challenge, every second at the studio has been in preparation for today's sale. so a photo will have to do (and i can never seem to follow directions anyhow.....) this tree is my roadside attraction. straight and ancient and as tall as an apartment building, it sits by the road and oversees and acts like a beacon, bringing me home.
today is our studio sale. i am easing into my day with a cup of tea and a few minutes writing here by the fire. but we'll be ready to welcome you to the studio today from 10 until 4.
55 mowat ave in portsmouth village. the little white house is full of goodness.


  1. Trees never fail to be great roadside attractions, in every season beautiful but in winter, showing their 'bones' extra touching, x

    have a great sale.

    1. oh renilde...i love how you say, showing their bones...that is so lovely.
      i hope you have a wonwderful week.

  2. Annette, i love your roadside attraction. ( although i thought it was a rock!!!) and what i llike about this challenges are as i wrote in my inviting post :
    "it is a drawing challenge
    but you can contribute with a photo or more or some words
    or anything for that matter...
    we are very open to new ideas and accept people as they are.
    you don`t have to be an artist or a photographer
    just a bit creative. that would do."
    ... so not rules. only freedom. and you have use it in the best way possible : )

    good luck with your sale today
    love from d

    1. thank you for inspiring it. there were clear photos, but this one is so much more magical and lovely.
      we had a beautiful sunny day in the studio....lots of great people and good sales. it was great. thanks for all the good vibes

  3. hello you, and nice to meet

    like Renilde said
    trees never fail to be
    great roadside attractions
    and the image you show
    is not just a tree
    but a magical one

    besides that
    what a great quilts you make!!

    greetings from the Netherlands

    1. hello patrice and thank you for visiting my blog. and for your compliments.
      have a wonderful week

  4. Winter here has been very mild indeed. I don't believe we have had but 2 or 3 days of below 35 degrees and the days have been in the 50, 60, and somedays 70 degree range. I don't know what happened to winter!

    Good luck today!

  5. so, me guessing i'm a little late... i hope you've had a most joyous sale day.

    anyways, the tree leaves enough to the imagination too. and i miss winter dearly. i mean snow, etc.
    pleased to meet you.

    1. lovely to meet you. and thank you for the good wishes. we had a wonderful sale and a beautiful day.

  6. I am a bit late to the party, but love the ethereal quality to the tree. Hope you can report that the sale yesterday was a great success.

    1. that's what i loved about the tree as well, rosemary. and we did have wonderful sale yesterday. thank you!

  7. I'm glad your sale went well. I love your magical picture!