Wednesday, January 25, 2012

some mornings i want to wake up in my childhood home. or walk in the front door and sit in the stream of sun that the cats always find. tuck myself in for a day or a week. the high ceilings and unending white walls that can still make me feel small and invisible and endlessly safe. there is really no house i love more. i'm lucky that i still have my childhood home and have my wonderful warm and loving parents living happily in it. for almost 38 years i've been coming home to it's welcome. it's timeless beauty and dreamy views. settled in the middle of 100 acres of farmed fields and woods and barns and a rocky quarry. this morning i would happily sit on the lumpy bottomed out couch in the kitchen that somehow never gets replaced. and just sit and soak in all the happiness in that room. or curl by the fire in the living room, reading, or pretending to play the piano. i'm tired this morning and i'm feeling it. but i'm heading over to the studio now to perk up and get a jolt of the joy back.


  1. Hallo Annette!
    it looks like a wonderful home... how lovely to still have your choldhood home ( and your parents ) to visit.
    i can see what it means for R to live here, in the house he grew up...

    i know you are very busy and you don`t usually perticipate in challenges but would you? on mine?

    no had feeling if you won`t though ; )

    have a great creative day
    love from d

  2. ...that would be: no hard feelings...

  3. That is so rare these days--and its wonderful that you appreciate it.

  4. Annette,

    What a lovely childhood home! It is beautiful...such gorgeous wood floors. There really isn't any feeling that is greater than that of coming home. Even if it is only for visits. All your childhood memories come flooding back... the same feelings of security, love and warmth.

    How very lucky you are to have this.

  5. Next time you visit your parents... Can I please come too? :-)

  6. My mom still lives in my childhood home - 30 years. Just walking in the door gives me an overwhelming sense of comfort. :)