Sunday, January 15, 2012

tonight tom walked to the store and bought ice cream. just because. and now he's making tea for us. i can hear the clinking spoon from the kitchen as he stirs in the honey. it's a good evening. watching football. and texting with flynn during the game.....letting him know my team was better than his. sort of watching the golden globes (just the funny parts and the pretty people). hanging out with cats draped on our laps. curled up under a quilt on the sofa with edgar. thumbing through magazines. and folding envelopes. and eating a little more ice cream. winter is upon us. and tonight, after working all day at the bookstore and then the studio, i am loving the laziness!!


  1. Are you a Giants fan too? What a game!

    1. i love the giants. but really i've loved watching eli grow into a great qb.

  2. sound like a lovely evening- well dererved lazyness : )
    ( and the frost photo is like taken outside my house!)

  3. beautiful photo as the one in previous post, x

  4. I love that picture! It is so pretty. Glad you're evening was enjoyable. Yum, ice cream.

  5. Lovely photo, Annette. Winter temps have finally set in here in Nebraska, too. Sounds like you had a cozy evening. Wanted to invite you to enter my giveaway--you were my 100th follower, after all. Have a good week.