Monday, July 9, 2012

following trails covered with needles and moss. the scent that enfolds the youthful eagerness of summer. moss, pungent needles, huge slabs of granite nosing out of the ground. hot sun that is filtered through the leaves and the high ceiling of evergreen. the scent of dreams. we headed into the woods last week for the shortest little walk. i was smiling from the air. the beauty. it pulled me deeper in. tom found a road he wanted us to use. the road made me tired and bored. i wanted the green adventure. it was a tiny little trail. and not very long. but i can still feel the smile and it made me light like i was 12 scrambling through the muskoka lakeside hills.


  1. green adventure, thats beautiful, you captured the light so beautifully in the photo!

  2. I can almost smell the aroma of the pine needles. I love moss and planted some in my flower bed. I loved to touch it as it was silky soft and reminded me of velvet! I remember as a kid traipsing through a woods not far from our home and how the light filtered through the trees. Brings back a lot of memories for me. :)