Friday, July 27, 2012

the rain was sweet yesterday, falling steadily all day. it swung from a shy trickle to a determined downpour and back again all day long. there was joy in it. the tree canopy between the house and the studio protected my little path. but walking down the street with the rain on my skin was what i wanted. this morning edgar felt the freshness in the air and kept me walking further than he has all summer long. we left the house during the 8'o'clock bell. one of my favorite times of day. we walked among the boats and edgar splashed through every puddle he could find.
and now there are 5 quilts waiting for the last few stages of transformation.


  1. I wish we would get some much needed rain. We had a shower here late last week but it was a drop in the bucket to what we really need! I suppose it will have to do until we can get a downpour, which I don't see in the coming forecast. :(

  2. Beautiful photo! I love all the quilts you've been putting on Pinterest.

    1. thank you jen. i'm trying to figure out pinterest. and trying to make a little quilty presence for chasing lightning bugs.