Saturday, July 14, 2012

we picked glass at the beach. and found snails in the garden. snails that walked around the table as we watched. i sat in the lake, letting the waves soak my skirt and slap my legs. i napped on the porch swing. we ate cold berries since it was too hot for anything else, really. cold berries and lemonade. and then smoothies from frozen berries and lemonade. not much variation. i'm not big on variations. i made 3 skirts for myself today. from the same fabric....beige linen. 100% linen with it's rough tooth and wrinkles. laura rode her bike over for a visit, twice. and i went back to the grocery store for more blueberries. and now i hear a catbell in the heavy summer night, under our window. our neighbor's cat. and tom's guitar in the other room.


  1. I love visiting your life.

  2. you get to see all the pretty parts!! haha

  3. just my kind of day Annette. I have been pretty much doing the same these last couple of days. I have been able to be alone. Grandchildren with their other cousins. Unfortunately we dont have blueberries here..i love them. Its hot nights here, so I know how you feel.
    I love your bedspreads Annette. If you ever decide to do one just with pink and yellow roses.. I am here.!
    happy sunday
    thank you for your kind comments .. i like to hear from you both.
    val x

  4. I can feel the heat of the day and the delicious coolness of berries in your writng. Luscious.