Saturday, July 14, 2012

the heat is strong, even at 6 am. the pace is slow. and heavy. edgar doesn't move much. yesterday afternoon we drove to the cottage because we had a couple of hours and we wanted to have a little adventure and visit with family. the cottage is crowded with siblings and their babies. it's wonderful. tom had a swim. and we played with the babies. we came home after a few hours, feeling great!
today i'm making myself skirts from linen because it's so easy to wear. i made one the other day and now i want more. they are so breathable and fresh.
and i'm falling hard for my quilts again. falling in love big time. i think of little else. i'm posing them for photos in my mind. and planning new little families of them.
my house will stay untidy for another day or two.


  1. It sounds like you are wisely enjoying summer and enjoying what you love.

  2. I think your day sounds wonderful, I making linen skirts too! I wish you had posted photos of them,!!!Quit love is contagious!!!!!

    1. my skirts aren't much to look at, laurie. b ut i love them. they are basically big rectaangles with ties. i wrap them like a sarong.

  3. Beautiful quilts! Your skirts sound wonderful. I love the feel of linen and how cool and comfortable it is to wear. You can almost feel it breathe.