Thursday, July 19, 2012

we walked through the boats this morning. it was cool enough that he could do more than just around the block with a few sniffs at the park. the boats are so very peaceful. i wanted to post a boat picture, but couldn't find any. but i like the shot of our front doors. there is a series of three front doors before you actually are in the house. the front porch. the cloak room and then the house. maybe the long wide planks reminded me of a boat.
i'm trying to get the shop and studio re-organized to be more quilt focussed. it's a quite a job, that i sort of fell into yesterday afternoon. i started to dismantle the shop to make a place for quilts and it all got pretty messy. so i'm on my way over there to continue and hopefully finish soon so i can get making quilts. i'm still fighting with a sore throat, headache and lack of energy so we'll see how much i get done!!!


  1. I love the view of your entryway. Your floors are gorgeous and I like the porch reminds me of a type of screen door that my relatives had from years ago that was warped and never closed quite right in the summer and winter months due to humidity and cold weather.:)

    I hope you get to feeling better soon. There is nothing worse than a summer cold! :) Take care.

  2. oh kris....i love the old slammy door. i usually have to explain to everyone that it's the way i want the door....i love all it's imperfections. thank you for seeing the beauty in the door.

  3. Your floor is beautiful. Get some rest!