Wednesday, July 11, 2012

tomorrow's show is a debut and a return home, all at once. a return to what i do best.....quilts. layers of color and pattern, perched on one another, square upon square. interacting and engaging and becoming magnetic personalities of their own. each quilt i build, i love. and for that reason, i am focussing anew on making quilts. the precision that some quilt makers look for, will not be found in my quilts. there is unfettered laughter and freedom and joy in my quilts. the energy is true. there are no mistakes and no rules and they pass their gypsy love on to those who wrap up in them.
over the years i've been distracted by my attempts to stock the little studio shop with unique and diverse handmade items. and although i've enjoyed figuring out how to make many interesting items, it has ultimately kept me from making quilts. the shop has been full of lovely items, but with only a handful of quilts. and i've felt a sense of desperation that i wasn't able to identify until i dove back into the quilts in preparation for 'quilts in the trees'. i feel safe and directed when the quilts are flowing. so there will be a (gradual) change of the shop into a quilt focussed space. my etsy site will be loaded with quilts of all sizes and prices. you will know where to find shower gifts and wedding gifts and birthday and just-because gifts. it's good!!!
so tomorrow, the quilts will float and dance and twirl amongst the glowing leaves in the little garden of trees. tracy's new encaustic pieces will set your mind to dreaming with their bee-scented splendour. and songs by gary rasberry will lend the excitement of live music to the evening. there will cd's and poetry books available for purchase. if you are in the area, i hope you stop by. and for those of you far away, there will be photos!


  1. It sounds amazing! So glad you are finding happiness with your quilts.

  2. You may sometimes get sidetracked but you always go back to what you love to do. You have a great talent in making quilts. They are beautiful and have so much more character than the more structured quilts that have a theme. I love your quilts!

    I wish I could be there for Quilts in the Trees. From what I can tell by your photo, you have some gorgeous quilts on display. :)

  3. Your quilts are beautiful! You have made a wise decision.