Thursday, July 12, 2012

today we'll be in the garden. in the dappled light. in the summer air. with the quilts showing off among the leaves. and charming encaustic pieces sheltered from the sun on the porch. the invitation is open to all. we'll be open at 3 and will stay open until 8, when the sun starts to fade and we'll bring the quilts and encaustics in. we are hoping for a lovely garden affair. complete with gary rasberry's live music, filling the air.
come to 55 mowat to enjoy our little garden event, 'quilts in the trees'.


  1. How lovely Annette! Wish I lived close enough to come and enjoy. Lorinda

    1. i'd love if you could be here. hopefully we'll get a visit in this summer.....maybe even sunday!!

  2. Beautiful~ I hope you sell them all.

  3. Sounds amazing--Hope you are having fun!