Saturday, August 4, 2012

are you sick of my garden yet? i have loved the wilds of my garden this year so completely. it's dense and meadow-like. the queen anne's lace dominating like an overbearing big sister. the intensity of the heat this year makes it even lovelier to me. it's thick and cool and deep. with amazing scents. and tall black hollyhocks peeking above it all. but before we head to the cottage in a couple of weeks, i'm going to have to undo all the gloriousness of it and attack it with the weedwhacker. the flowers are already withering. the grasses are browning. and my dear misunderstood garden will have soon passed it's pinnacle. i'm preparing myself. i will pick little posies like my mother does. i've never been one to make bouquets with flowers. i like to see them bursting from the ground. but my mother's house, and my house when she's here, is always dotted with wonderful clutches of flowers, large and small, wild and sedate. i'll try to start cutting the flowers to bring inside. a mason jar of queens anne's lace on the dining room table seems like a good place to start!


  1. Dear Laura,
    I never get tired of looking at gardens yours looks lovely. I never knew that you called those white long stemmed flowers Queen Ann's lace !
    Here we know them as wild onion flowers.. I have them all over . Mine are now brown. I have picked some to spray and put in a jar on the patio.
    Enjoy your time away. Its sad when the summer nearly comes to an end.
    happy weekend

    1. good morning i want to collect all the names that my favorite flower is known by. thank wild onion what it's known as in portuguese? thank you for giving me this idea. i feel like summer will still be with us for a while.

  2. I bet you are a little sad at having to "take down" your garden. :( I think a garden brings such pleasure when you can sit and view it. I usually cut back my roses and other plants to the ground in late August and sometimes they would give me a second viewing.

  3. it looks beautiful. I doubt I get fed up with your pictures any time soon :)