Monday, August 20, 2012

being at the cottage means hours of relaxing by the lake, taking the time to prepare farm fresh food, reading, swimming, spending time with friends and countless other wonderful things. but my mind never really shuts off. and we are 5 minutes from the most wonderful and overwhelming salvage and antique spots i've ever been to. in my mind, i am always working beautiful quirky materials into pieces for my studio. pieces for my home. pieces to sell. i took my parents to rummage through barns and packed farmhouses and fields of doors and metal and materials for 3 hours today. we bought doors. we bought old wooden legs. we bought a terracotta greek revival architectural fragment of a woman's face. amazing. but my head is spinning with all the possibilities. i want to use these beams as the most awesome counters ever! and i found a 100 year old, amazing white tongue and groove floor to ceiling bookshelf with gorgeous molding at the top taken from an old school house. 9 feet long and 8 feet tall. it would make the most perfect built-in bookshelves. i just don't have time to do it all!


  1. Oh boy, I want to go there! Where is it?

    1. You know you are destined to visit me one of these days. I thought of you many times this week:)
      Its a tiny little spot called rideau ferry, ontario. Near perth, ontario that is also loaded with treasure junk.

  2. Sounds like a place I would have loved to visit. Did you purchase the white tong and groove floor to ceiling bookshelf? I'd love that! :)

  3. Hello Laura,
    It sounds as though you have found a wonderful place to find old wood and furniture that can be restored. The wood looks fantastic and with some work, will look really good.
    Enjoy your time at the cottage..

  4. Sounds like you would have a ball around here poking around the blue ridge mountains. I show my paintings at a place where they go out and salvage old buildings and sell the material or remake it into art for the store. If you get near Roanoke VA. stop at Black Dog Salvage to see all the neat stuff!