Sunday, August 12, 2012

there was rain in the afternoon. a rainy afternoon at the cottage means naps and reading and overall coziness. and then after the rain, bright evening sun carried a rainbow in it's palm. gentle air and perfect light. wandering around with a camera.
i always dread being away from my little square of home and studio in the city. and dread isn't really a strong enough word. and yet once we get here to the cottage i am happy and i don't want to be anywhere else. here we sit, all comfy and relaxed and happy. maybe we'll stand under a meteor shower tonight. the dark is silent here at the lake.


  1. Naps and reading, rainy days and a lake--sounds perfect!

  2. Edgar. sure looks happy there, he too is happy to be at the cottage.
    Peaceful days. reading and just relaxing. Life is good when this happens and we get those chances.
    Happy monday Laura..

  3. Forgot to mention.. I just adore the quilt that Edgar is on, thrown over your sofa.. beautiful

  4. I wish lovely relaxing days my friend : )