Tuesday, August 7, 2012

sunday evening we drove 40 minutes north to tracy and dave's camper, tucked on a hill in the woods. and after our evening i feel refueled. we ate like kings. we sat in a torrential downpour, enjoying the sounds and the awe of it. tom and dave played guitar for hours. sam's cousins came by. and all the guys went swimming on the little rocky island. i didn't want to go with them, because the camper was just so cozy and dreamy and i loved sitting at the little table and chatting with tracy. when i settle into my surroundings, i make a little home there and it becomes a space i hate to leave. i was explaining that to sam when he couldn't understand why i wouldn't want to walk down to the lake with them. and he nodded understandingly and said.....'oh, hermit-crab style'. exactly!!!! that is exactly what i am.....a little hermit crab that appropriates wherever i am as my own cozy little spot. i love having a parallel, an easy explanation. thank you sam!!!
i needed all the loveliness that tracy and her family shared with us the other night. i was a little worn out. my little studio is getting overhauled. in a big way. reorganizing a room of fabric. making 30 quilts. and most importantly undoing the direction i've been building for a few years and re-aligning my little ship. but our little evening in the woods has cleared my head and given me the right energy to re-route my course.


  1. I always find solitude in the woods. I believe it is so because there are no distractions and noisy chatter to distract you. I'm glad you found some peace and rest to restore you. :)

  2. It is good to be wise and know when you need nest time, quiet time, healing time. It re-energizes you and knits you back together again. It isn't always easy to explain but it is as important as the needs of others to socialize.

  3. Ah, the nurturing power of solitude, and the woods...
    So glad you got some perspective to help you move forward.

  4. mmmmm the woods in this photo make me want to run back there, soon! I love your perspective....it's amazing still to me, how we can all stare at exactly the same things, and yet see (and photograph) them so differently. It's a powerful tool this, to see new parts in the same world