Wednesday, August 1, 2012

summer. freedom and discovery. an open ended day to discover what is to be found. fat slugs under a log. delicate baby bird shells. icy glasses of lemonade. staring up at a tree from beneath it and hearing the flurry of leaves as a squirrel runs through the branches. picking wild blackberries. painting a fence. cooling off in the lake with cannonballs off the dock. the fine balance between freedom and accomplishment. a summer well spent.


  1. Great photos of the children. Just what boys like to do.
    Annette. upi jave NO COMMENTS.. then POSt A COMMENT.!. I took the later and wrote you this comment.!
    I wish you lots of happy summer days. This year summer seems to be flying by.
    best wishes val

  2. OK.. got it. now that my comment is published it reads 1 comment.
    Best wishes to Laura , Edgar and Crabby..

  3. Boys are so adventurous! I remember my son when he was little, he was so curious about bugs. He was rambunctious and always into something. He practically lived outside and would hardly take the time to use the bathroom. Summertime brought dirt streaked faces and winter rosy red cheeks and frozen toes from the snow. :)

  4. Just been catching up on all your news. So lovely. The cheeky critters made me smile .. in my kitchen it's a brazen mouse that (I swear) makes it's way across the countertop whistling the Mission Impossible soundtrack. When it spots me (and our pooch) it give me a cheeky eye-balling as if to say "yeah.. whatchya gonna do about it?" .. and of course I'm not as fast as a mouse. Have a super weeekend. xx