Sunday, April 10, 2011

another personal rite of the launch of summer is finding a hat. yesterday on our little springtime roadtrip we headed to gananoque partly because i hadn't had a chance to visit the willow store there. we saw the beautiful celery green sign and the window brightly spotted with hats, from across the street and headed directly there. what a lovely little shop. i loved seeing my quilts and notebooks mingling with hats and shoes and paintings and little creatures and baby items and beautiful sterling jewelry. but what really caught my eye was the wonderful sprinkling of perfect vintage items adding color and energy to the shop. a couple shelves of dishes in a glass fronted cabinet in the franciscan desert rose pattern that i have loved since i was gathering my first collection of dishes and tableware from yard sales and thrift shops. i haven't seen them in years. i was tempted, but instead i started trying on hats. for it was the launch of spring, afterall. i found a great pinstriped newsboy cap that will perfectly forgive my crazy hair days, which are common.
after a lovely time browsing and buying and reminiscing, we left willow..... i was happily sporting my new hat and tom was hungry. so off to dairy queen for tom's burger and my raspberry truffle blizzard. we both shared our treats with edgar. a lovely day. a lovely weekend.

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