Sunday, April 17, 2011

driving home today from working on the house, our little world was spinning in this fabulous light. my camera was sitting on the seat beside me, so i grabbed it and started shooting. some of my favorite photos are taken while i'm driving. i think it's because i have to give up control entirely. i am concentrating on the road, and the other cars. i'm not even taking the pictures. it's really just the camera. i decide after the fact which ones i like. while i'm shooting i don't even look where i'm shooting or know what i'm getting. i have to just hope for the best. there is always a different sort of freshness about these photos. they are in charge. and i love them for it.
tom is watching hockey. i sort of am. edgar is snoring on the couch beside me. i have laundry to do while tom does the garbage. this weekend has worn me out!

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