Monday, April 4, 2011

i love mornings. usually edgar gets me up pretty early and i have a lovely chunk of quiet time before the house starts humming with the day. the quiet time mostly consists of the computer and breakfast. sometimes coffee. sometimes tea. sometimes orange juice. i've been known to have all three. this morning i had dessert after my cereal.....a couple girl guide cookies. i know i know....we don't usually have overt junk food in the house, but naomi is selling them for brownies. and they are so delicious!!!
but then the kitchen pulls me into it's vortex....feeding edgar and the cats. putting away the clean dishes that washed overnight. sweeping the floor. listening to cbc. there is a kitchen energy that exists when the house is working the way i like it. the work of the kitchen feels cheerful and bright when the energy is right. chores without the heaviness of obligation. and that's the way i'm finding it these days.
i must force myself off to run mundane errands.

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