Tuesday, April 12, 2011

do you feel the newness in the air? around our house things are feeling brighter and springier. and easier. chores are simpler. throwing together a fast dinner when we've been working all day happens faster and it's all thanks to the warmer air and sunshine. i still have the mountains of laundry that have been haunting me the past couple weeks. but i'm hoping to get them washed and on the line today. or tomorrow. my parents are coming tonight to have dinner and a visit before they head off on their 2 month 'avoid the pollens' tour of the american southeast, visiting relatives and finding little places to fall in love with. i'll be missing my dad's birthday so we'll try to make it a little celebration for that as well. tom just brought me coffee while i'm writing. and as soon as i'm finished my coffee and my blog, edgar and i are going out to tour around the harbor. enjoy the spring. and the extra energy it gives for all the extra aspirations that spiral through the air.

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