Sunday, April 24, 2011

sunday morning in silence. although there were bells about an hour ago. it may be that it's easter, but there are so often bells, maybe it's every sunday. i have a little fire going to chase the chill from the air. i'm drinking my tea cooled with milk and sweetened with a touch of sugar. the orchid that my parents placed in my care while they are gone has burst one of it's buds into a flower. the sun seems to be around today so i'll hang laundry on the line. and i have boiled my biggest mason jar in preparation for spring and the gallons of iced tea it's about to hold. edgar is waiting for his breakfast, but in a leisurely sunday way rather than the eager lets get going weekly way. i'll get him his food. it's been a wonderful morning.

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  1. It all sound's so lovely...a nice Easter day. I love your blog...very clean and simple. Come over to my blog I am having a give away.