Tuesday, April 5, 2011

i love subway tile. it is a constant elegant and timeless look. and with every house we do, i'm amazed how the simple white tile takes it to gasp-worthy in a single day. today at our latest house, we finished the kitchen backsplash. tom had tiled it yesterday and this afternoon, it's full beauty emerged when we grouted it....yep, i helped. i'm still digging grout from my cuticles and fingernails. i had to fight for this one. there was an existing backsplash......tiny glass tile that they told me was almost impossible to remove. which meant if i wanted it gone, i had to do it myself. so i hammered and chiseled it away, or most of it to prove it was possible, and they finished it off. and now, my tenacity has paid off with another graceful and pleasing kitchen in shades of gray and white. so lovely!
we are at that wonderfully satisfying stage when the work is mostly finished and it's down to the finishing touches. everything needs to be cleaned and polished.....the floors and windows, shelves and sinks. soon we'll be moving in furniture for the living room, dining room and bedrooms. and colorful bowls and cookbooks for the kitchen. the light fixtures need to be hung. a few paint touch-ups. this is where tom and i are a magic little team. we'll spend the next week or so cleaning and doing little jobs. oh, but he does still have the basement floor to lay. my dad is helping him with that tomorrow and thursday. and then on the weekend we'll rush around making it beautiful.

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