Wednesday, April 27, 2011

huckleberry finn was on my mind all day. it was a day of porch painting. not exactly a fence, but a porch is close. we have had such rain in the past weeks that the outdoor painting that needed to be done at the house in amherstview couldn't get done. it's been somewhat embarrassing that the house is so perfectly appointed inside, without that being reflected on the exterior. there was very little curb appeal, simply because we couldn't paint in the rain. so, although there were thunder storms in the forecast, we awoke to a lovely sunny warm day. after walking edgar, and without taking time to do anything but pin my crazy hair away from my face and donning my painting shirt, i headed out to the house and started what turned out to be 8 hours of painting. the rains never came so i kept painting. the porch is completed, while the carport still needs a little more time. and now the thunderstorm warnings have changed to a tornado watch. i hope we are spared the tornado and storms and have some more painting weather tomorrow.

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