Thursday, April 21, 2011

tonight we are sore. exhausted, flopped on the couch with edgar watching hockey. this is the third house we have brought back from despair. three houses in exactly a year. this afternoon the sign went on the lawn. it's like we can finally take a deep breath although we will still be working at the house everyday until the open house on sunday. there is a mountain of small and less obvious jobs still waiting to be done. yet it is with a wonderful sense of satisfaction that we are winding up this job. it's great being responsible for a house feeling love again. when we first visited this house, months before we started offering on it, there was no love. more like disdain. but now the house is open and bright and airy and sparkling clean. i found this fabulous tone on tone rug that makes my favorite rona chairs even more amazing. i love that this photo looks like it's b&w, but in fact it's a color photo.
i'm a little too tired to write anything coherent tonight. but we are so close to the end of this one.

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