Monday, April 25, 2011

our spring continues to haunt us with rain. it' s almost may and i have had only one line of laundry dry. we still have fires in the fireplace and the raking hasn't been done. the weather is in charge. there is so much painting to be done at the house we're selling. but the rain simply won't allow it. i usually love the melancholy of a rainy day. even a rainy week. but it has stayed too long now. the feeling of being drenched in a cave of creativity has passed. and we need the sunny side of spring now. the warm and misty spring mornings. walking early in the mornings along the lake. these days will find us soon.


  1. I can hardly wait!
    I have been a fan of your creations at Willow ...would love to have a peek into your studio once spring arrives full on!

  2. anytime....just email or call me to make sure i'm there. all that info is on my website
    it would be lovely to meet you!