Friday, April 29, 2011

today started early for me. i set my alarm for 3.01 but edgar with his uncanny ability to wake me early, started barking at 2.56. i thought i'd be too tired to really enjoy since i didn't get to bed until after midnight. but a few minutes going through the channels and getting my little camp set up in the living room set the mood for the morning. i made a little breakfast of tea, yogurt and strawberries and settled in with my camera for the morning. initially my exuberance for this event was based on my childhood memories of the fairytale that was diana and charles' wedding. i was 14 and it was the most amazing thing i'd ever seen. my mother, my grandmother and i had to get up at 3 and drive a half hour into town from our house in the country where my parents refused to have a tv. we were invited to an elderly ladies house to watch the wedding. we had breakfast in her tiny living room with her cats and collectibles. and it was magnificent. i wanted to have the same sort of cozy, sleepy morning 30 years later watching diana's son marry the woman he had given her ring to. i was always fond of diana, but when she died on the same weekend as my grandmother and i watched her boys become orphans, i grew more attached. and so at the first sight of her boys this morning, i wept. sobbed really.
the bride was beautiful and the dress was spectacular. and i sat on my couch, snuggled under a quilt with edgar, taking photos of the tv. over 300 photos. it's how i enjoy something. taking photos. and the magic of the morning has given me a little of the joy and energy that had been draining the past couple of weeks.

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