Wednesday, July 20, 2011

the bells sounded during our walk this morning. the 8.00 bells. the heat wasn't baking down on the day yet as we walked around the neighborhood. i saw our neighbor across the harbor with his 3 year old watching the boats and talked to another neighbor as she headed out on a road trip to pennsylvania, and as we reached home, walking past the wonderful tree in the front garden i found this thick grassy nest, tucked against the trunk and among the remnants of lavender. nests always amaze me. the soft cushion of dried grass and leaves is so dreamy. especially in the branches of a leafy tree.
i'll be sewing on the porch today. my hands are turning brown like a gardeners. i work outside in the sun but i dig through paper and fabric instead of the dirt.
my parents just phoned as i was writing this. from russia. they're in st. petersburg. the overseas delay repeating my own voice back to me is always a delight more than an annoyance. i love the excitement of it. they are off to the ballet tonight....but their luggage has yet to arrive, so they must make do with their 3 day old travelling clothes. and i must head to the studio.

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  1. yes. there is something so great about nests. the thought of hoe much effort these little creatures are using to make them. just to abandon them later...