Thursday, July 14, 2011

early summer mornings when the light is fresh and the air is clear. the scents are bright. early, when the day is young. the house is quiet. my hair is still matted and i'm sipping fresh coffee. eggs are poaching with lovely grey sea salt and balsamic vinegar tossed in the water. more coffee. and pesto on my eggs, a cup of yogurt and the cats rubbing against my legs. soon i'll fetch the load of laundry that washed while we slept last night and hang it in the sun. i'll admire it a few minutes and then get edgar out to the lake. i'm into it now, my morning has drifted into a day. and i suspect my matted hair will stay curly and crazy until the heat forces me in for a shower hours from now.


  1. you are a poetical soul- i enjoy all your writtings. thank you

  2. i enjoy you, demie. i think you are full of poetry yourself.