Tuesday, July 5, 2011

there has been a lull in my little world. tom was away for the weekend, edgar had a hard time managing the hot and humid days, i had quilts to make, and finally hosting a wonderful bbq with friends from work ended the weekend. there was impromptu, fully dressed swimming....the lake can be magnetic like that, you expect to simply wade and get your toes wet but the seduction is too strong and you end up laughing and gasping and diving under the waves. and greta (our golden squirrel) made an appearance or two. i'm beginning work on a series of collages that will make it's home in slovenija. i'm excited about this and thrilled to have time devoted to my paper room.....it's where the passion bubbles the deepest. but thankfully it's not a chore to make quilts either.
today we'll have a little drive, i'm sure, and we'll go for a lovely dinner downtown, for it's tom's birthday and a little celebrating is in order. i hate to say goodbye to june, but july is certainly a great consolation prize....it rarely disappoints.

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