Friday, July 22, 2011

my hydrangeas at night. a little blurry. the light from the living room behind. i took this coming home from rudy & krista's where we watched casablanca. watched it in the yard with the sun setting purple-y all around us. and drank french 75s. and finished with little fiestaware cups full of gelato. another superb evening in our little village/harbor/neighborhood. i sewed until late....i'd told them i wouldn't be joining them.....too much work to finish. but after i came home and fed edgar, the light in the sky drew me out and i wandered over to their yard with my camera. and i stayed. laughed and giggled and gossiped just a little.


  1. Hello Annette:
    We have lost count how many times we have watched Casablanca, but it still remains a firm favourite. We have never wanted to go there in reality as we only wish to keep the sense of place in our imaginations.

    Your Hydrangeas look absolutely wonderful, particularly so in the evening light. What a marvellous time you had!

  2. good morning lance and jane,
    i've heard from across the street that wednesday night our al fresco viewing will be 'grand hotel'. i'll keep you posted!
    enjoy your weekend.

  3. I love watching films outside- although it's been awhile- sounds like a lovely evening- so nice to 'meet' you and find your blog.

  4. it's lovely to have you here, ren. yes, isn't wonderful to watch a movie in the dark under the stars?

  5. You painted a beautiful picture of the night ... Blissful ;)