Tuesday, July 12, 2011

this past week has been hot. deliciously steamy. hot with the thin film of sweat that stays on your skin. hot so your movements are slower and a cold drink is always within reach. i've been working on the porch and periodically wandering down to the lake. life certainly slows down in the heat. lately we have been taking advantage of our local video store that has the best selection i have ever encountered. we are also fortunate that $5 rents us a pile of dvds for 8 nights. and they are always liberal with what they consider late. we've been spending our summer nights watching the series 'lost'. perfect for a couple of hours of down time on a hot summer evening. right now we're on the porch swing....tom with his book and me with my blog. but soon we'll go in and continue with our little summer marathon.


  1. is lovely with things to do together- we are watching true blood series after the kids are in bed ; ) wishing you a beautiful day

  2. ...by the way is there some place on the internet where you sell your work?

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  4. hi demie...
    it really is nice to curl up at the end of the day isn't it.
    i do sell on etsy. but right now my shop is a little empty. i have been getting many direct orders from shops and individuals and haven't kept my etsy site full of quilts and napkins like i like to. and the collage, although there are a few on my etsy site, they are mostly done by commission.
    my etsy site is www.chasinglightningbugs.etsy.com