Monday, July 11, 2011

tom stole me from my piles of books and papers spread on the table on the porch. he wanted to go for a quick swim. the day was hot and a mid-day swim was the perfect break. i didn't really want to leave my work, but it was a good idea. and how could i say no to a wander down to the beach. i grabbed my faded little bucket. tom swam and i dug through the rocks and pebbles to find pieces of smoothed glass. and when i returned to my work, my hands smelled of the lake and i had no desire to wash them.
the day was full. i finished a collage that makes me want to never stop looking at it. i was in a swoon for ingres all afternoon.....staring at the portraits and the sketches.
my 71 year old mother came by in a strapless seafoam green bridesmaids gown.....yes, she was actually the bridesmaid....they stopped by between the wedding and the reception.
and i held 7 wk old baby helena with her tiny yawns and expression-filled eyes.
the rain sent me in from the porch and now i'll wait until tomorrow to return to the paper.

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