Saturday, July 30, 2011

the barns, floating in the meadow as we leave the lake through the winding farm path, past the docile bull, wandering down the path with a ring in his nose. we spent the afternoon with a dozen children playing in the lake and eating hotdogs. a spiderman birthday cake for a newly 3 yr old darling boy. sheila and i rowed to the middle of the lake to dive into it's dark cool depths. tom kayaked to explore the island that sits across from their beach. making new friends and getting to know others better. a pontoon boat pulling up with the fun cousins just as we were getting ready to leave. sandy flip-flops. a delightful day at sheila's cottage.
and the day began skyping with my parents and the lovely bodi-yaroshevich family in moscow. the beautiful sisters who shared their family and their day with my parents on their last day in russia. i will be forever grateful.
such a beautiful day.

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