Monday, August 1, 2011

the gurgle of the dishwasher in the kitchen. telulah purring beside me and pushing her face into my arm. the kettle at the brink of boiling. windows open to an infant morning. 6 am is a magical hour. i was bothered awake early this morning with worries. but the activity of puttering around the kitchen and getting little chores done, making a cup of tea and spooning some yogurt into a bowl starts to settle the worry. when the dishes are finished and i've walked edgar, i'll get to the studio and begin this workday early. there is an order to ship and quilts to be made.
my tea is ready to sip and the sky is suddenly bright with the morning slant of warm rosy light. and i see that the bowls sitting in the kitchen windowsill for the cats are empty, which explains telulah's persistant and excessive affection. my day has begun it's circling.... the swirl of life and activity and fear and joy and love and work. and i feel the strength creep back in along with it all.

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