Tuesday, August 23, 2011

an early morning yawn that pushes a tear out of the corner of my eye, down the side of my cheek. the clank of breakfast sounds. and the happy almost word sounds of a toddler carries in the air from neighboring houses. the bell that sings out the approach of one of the neighbors cats is jumping around in our front garden. there are voices and morning walkers and dogs and birds. and the air is cooler and fresher than last week.without the sweat. and the light is august light. the beginning of gold creeping into the green. just the earliest touch of gold. i'm going to stretch summer out a couple more months. it will just be summer with sleeves instead of bare arms. summer is a frame of mind.
we are going to pick up sheila's paddle boat this morning for my parents. and then to hunt through the millers acres and acres of rusty treasure with my mother and my aunt. our august traditions are strong.


  1. acres of rusty treasures? wish i could be there. have fun!

  2. oh my God! what a place is this! this is like paradise to me! enjoy...
    and... "summer is a frame of mind"... this is something i will never forget. i promise : )