Sunday, August 21, 2011

it's been a long week. but after today it was all so perfectly worth it. our family is a smallish family....although i have no siblings, both my parents do and there are cousins who i rarely see. but it's just a handful of family.....not one of those neverending drama filled families that are in the movies that seem so energetic and fun. but ours is a small family loaded with love. today was about my parents. finally their 50th wedding anniversary arrived. and our wonderful family showed up to make it a celebration. the picture above is my mother on the left with her sister as she's arriving from maryland. another aunt and uncle came from new brunswick. and then everyone else from toronto and oshawa. i'm exhausted but still smiling and remembering the beautiful day, eating lunch with gusto among our dearest, closest family, looking out to the river through the floor to ceiling paned windows. and the tinkle of piano notes dancing among us. a wonderful reminder of how we are forever linked to one another regardless of distance or time.

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  1. what a wonderful time time spent with loved ones is! it feels good while zipping my coffee to read about this ... your parents look so lovely together : )