Saturday, August 20, 2011

my constant trips across our porch between the house and the studio can often blind me. i'm carrying laundry or fetching water for edgar or lugging quilts to photograph. or just hurrying. my mind and my arms are almost always full. but last night after i'd brought in groceries and laundry and edgars bedding and had finished the quilt for my parents 50th wedding anniversary today, just under the wire, and i was aching for quiet and stillness, this was what i saw. and i felt still and calm and capable once more. it only took a glance to soothe.


  1. yes. its a soothing picture. and welcoming : )

  2. Hello Annette:
    We agree, this does give a great sense of peace. So often in our busy lives we are rushing and not seeing, here you have captured a haven right under your nose!