Monday, August 8, 2011

making coffee this morning. sipping and getting ready to leave for the studio. wandering through facebook in my drowsy early morning way. and i realized how our mid-70s class pictures are identical. i saw one and stopped because i thought it was from my grade 5 class. i recognized the short pouty guy on the end. the tall girl in the middle in the back. the petite pretty girls in the front on a bench with their knees pressed together, wearing skirts. all the bruiser boys in the back row in mid gesture. all carefully balanced in front of the stage in the gym with the curtains drawn as a background. it may have been that the hour blurred my eyes, but i recognized 2 or 3 friends and thought i saw myself a few times as well. all before i realized this wasn't from my class or my school or my town. but the characters were all frighteningly familiar.

on a different note......i'm preparing to throw open the studio doors on wednesday. i'm calling it my 'beat the scammers' open house. if you live in kingston come by. if you have friends who may be interested, tell them. i need to sell quilts and collages and napkins and tea towels and journals to make up for the last month. so the open house is noon until 7 or 8 on after tomorrow.


  1. Oh! how i wish i could come !!! i hope it goes well for you : )

  2. wouldn't it be great if you could come!! will be fun